Pentaho BA CE Installation

Pentaho, a buzz in the world of Business Intelligence now-a-days, is quite a comprehensive tool for analytics. The prime reason of its popularity (in my perspective) is its availability in two editions i.e. Community (CE) and Enterprise (EE). Where in Enterprise, one can avail a thousand of documentation & support for any and all purposes, but when it comes to Community edition, documentations are just for namesake.

Recently, when I was working on Community edition of Pentaho, the main challenge was the installation of Pentaho CE, since there is no proper documentation, neither official nor unofficial. It seems an easy task when it comes to install any tool, but in case of Pentaho, there are some peculiar settings which are prerequisites for its installation.

I did a lot of R&D and struggled for it, finally I decided to document it properly and share it to the Community so that people can be benefited from my struggle. Below is the straightforward approach to install Pentaho CE on Windows or Linux machine.

Since Pentaho CE always comes with archival installation as there is no EXE based installation, so before proceeding with installation download the latest stable version of archival from website. All the Pentaho BA CE components are available on under Download section.

After Downloading RAR file from community website. Unzip this to desired location and provide the complete read, write and execute permission for this folder (I assume the user is having complete permission for this folder).

Folder security permission

Folder security permission

Also remove the read only access.

Folder read only permission

Folder read only permission

Install Java JRE or JDK

Make sure that the version of the Java Run-time Environment (JRE) or the Java Development Kit (JDK) that Pentaho needs to run is installed on your system. You do not need to uninstall other versions of Java if you already have them running on your system. These instructions explain how to check for your default version of Java that is running on your computer and where to get the required version if you need one. For this installation the least recommended version in Java 7.

  1. Open a Terminal or a Command Prompt Enter this command.

    Java –version

  2. If the version of Java does not match the version needed to run Pentaho software, download it from Oracle site and install it.

Set Environment Variables

Set the PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME variable to indicate the path to the Java JRE or JDK that Pentaho should use. If you do not set this variable, Pentaho will not start correctly. To set environment variables, you should be logged into an account that has administrator-level privileges.

For Windows
  1. Go to “Start Menu > Computer
  2. Right Click on Compute and Select Properties
  3. Under Properties you will find the below screen, and select “Advanced system settings”.
Windows Properties for Advanced system settings

Windows Properties for Advanced system settings

  1. After Selecting “Advanced system settings” Select the “Environment Variables

    Environment Variables

    Environment Variables

  2. Once you select “Environment Variables” you will get another screen where you can add “JAVA_HOME” & “PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME”
set create Environment Variables

set create Environment Variables

  1. Once you set the path for PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME Click on OK

For Linux

  1. Open a terminal window and log in as
  2. Open the /etc/environment file with a text editor.
  3. Indicate where you installed Java in your /etc/environment file by typing this

    export PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-sun

    Note: Substitute /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-sun with the location of the JRE or JDK you installed on your system.

  1. Save and close the file.
  2. Log out, and then log back in for the change to take effect.
  3. Verify that the “PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME” variable is properly set by opening a Terminal window and typing this

    env | grep PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME

  1. The path to the variable should appear. If it does not, try setting the environment variable again.

Start BA Server

 For windows
  1. Launch the “start-pentaho.bat” file under biserver-ce folder
  2. Open a web browser and enter this URL: http://localhost:8080/pentaho.
  3. The Pentaho User Console Log On window appears.
For Linux
  1. Launch the “” file under biserver-ce folder
  2. Open a web browser and enter this URL: http://localhost:8080/pentaho.
  3. The Pentaho User Console Log On window appears.


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