Ankit Patni

Ankit Patni

Ankit Patni
Bangalore, India
Bio:Twelve years ago, I didn’t even know what design really was. All I really knew was how to sketch, measure, mix colors, create shapes, utilize line, and perfect craftsmanship.
Experience has changed my perspective, how I view myself and my work as a designer as well as that of my peers.

My Philosophy: My belief in life is that you need only three things to get to the top
– Talent, Ambition and Initative.

Hitesh Singla

Hitesh Singla

Hitesh Singla
Bangalore, India
Bio:I am a user interface developer and count every pixel. I strongly believe that being ignorant means lacking knowledge, yet possessing information alone does not mean having knowledge. My mantra is very simple “Challenges are always interesting as they keep me moving, but learning from them and implementing is my motto.”

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  2. Thank you Dante :). beanshell usage in PRD is a gray area and not much report designer work on that. I’m fortunate that I explore that on very early stage when I learn PRD. I’ll suggest play more with beanshell in PRD and also check Pentaho bug tracker for PRD you will learn a lot from there.

    Once again thanks for the comment and keep learning.


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